McGarry House Show

by Holly McGarry

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From the McGarry House Show over Winter Break this year. We were joined my Marshall McLean, Harold's IGA and Kent and Sarah of The Terrible Buttons.


released March 18, 2013

Holly McGarry: vocals, guitar
Justin Landis: keys, guitar, bass, vocals
Jen Landis: bass, percussion
Erin Brannigan: banjo
Kent Ueland: percussion
Zach Hagadone: speech



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Holly McGarry Boston, Massachusetts

Imagine a young folk artist with the depth of Nina Simone. Transport the storytelling talent of Dylan to a North Idaho town. Holly presents the dichotomy of a calm exterior with unbounded passion for music, a newly-minted adult with a lifetime of experiences able to lace her lyrics with profound insights, sharing her love, loss, and life through a simple six strings. ... more

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Track Name: Board That Plane (live)
Blue eyes cut like bayonet blades
Blood poured out from the wounds we’d made
Old scars don’t always fade
I carved out a home, you carved in your name
And lover the guilt remains breathing down my neck, running through my days

If I could take it all back would you want to forget me?
if we board that plane bound for the pearly gates would you claim me?

Eros from younger days lie broken now in a shallow grave
held you from my fingertips
when the music stopped I lost my grip
traced all the steps we’d made
when the ink ran out I lost my way

if I could take it all back would you want to forget me?
When we board that plane bound for the pearly gates will you claim me?
Track Name: Undertaker (live)
You are looking for a lover
But darling it ain’t me
You want someone to give your heat to
But I’m the undertaker

You think I’m hanging on a line
But darling it ain’t true
I’ll just pull you right down with me
And we’ll sink into the blue

Darling you’d like me
to pick you fresh flowers each day
but the only petals that I will collect
are white lilies to put on your grave

you’d like a silly little song
with lots of pretty little lies
to set your heat asunder
but I’ll just send it 6 feet under

cause you are looking for a lover
baby it ain’t me
you want someone to give your heart to
but I’m the undertaker
undertaker of love
Track Name: Ill-Defined Lines (live)
Meet me at the bottom of this well
Or meet me at the bottom of this bottle
And I hope like hell there aint no one up there
To hear my thoughts
Never felt so alive or near death
It’s all in my head

I don’t see what you see in me
Just blurs and ill-defined lines
Like time
The tie that binds us here

Stay awake a little while longer
Cause I always want
to remember you this way

but don’t look in my eyes
they’ll only turn your heart to stone,
like mine
but I’m still aching for that one kiss
that’ll lay you to rest
in my heart
it’s all in my head