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released July 28, 2013

Benjamin Burns: guitar, vocals, banjo, uke, percussion
Holly McGarry: guitar, vocals, banjo



all rights reserved


Holly McGarry Boston, Massachusetts

Imagine a young folk artist with the depth of Nina Simone. Transport the storytelling talent of Dylan to a North Idaho town. Holly presents the dichotomy of a calm exterior with unbounded passion for music, a newly-minted adult with a lifetime of experiences able to lace her lyrics with profound insights, sharing her love, loss, and life through a simple six strings. ... more

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Track Name: Benjamin Burns & Holly McGarry - Waiting For The Sun
Hollow bones and empty nests
With just a song inside our chests
Just like 2 blackbirds there waiting for the sun
Just like 2 black birds waiting for the sun

And to think we reckoned
We’d be warm in summer clothes
A wind from the highways tangled up out twisted souls
A wind from the highways tangled up our twisted souls

Asked myself, “are you afraid to die?”

See my skin through holey jeans
Time’s been pulling at my seams
The nighttime & evenings no slumber have I found
Till When I am lying 6 feet underground

But there’s a special medicine
Made for people wandering
A melody you could sing until your days are done
just like 2 blackbirds waiting for the sun

I’m not afraid to die
Track Name: Gin and Cheap Cigarettes
I’ll sleep on your streets
Faceless and nameless

When the sea meets the sky
You’ll know where I landed

Somewhere out there
Smoking and drinking out back
Smoking and drinking out back

Gin and cheap cigarettes
Gin and cheap cigarettes
Track Name: Arrows
The hours that belong to you
Are buried in the backyard
And I’ve been trying to kill that little bluebird
But she keeps singing mercy into my ears

Love will make you weak,
Cuts & it’s pearly & I hold it close to me
But don’t go telling God,
his sinners are songbirds blue eyed & bipolar, they live where his garden was

sun spoke and we all believed the lie
that it was bad blood, sorry July
but I want to keep you
you know you’re the only one that I ever told
about the great flood, the regret that it carved out
& as for the heathen s and the whores
well I’ve got the same disease,
you’ll never long for my shadow to darken your door

but Love will make you weak,
Cuts & it’s pearly & I hold it close to me
& don’t go telling God,
his sinners are songbirds blue eyed & bipolar, we live where his garden was

In a casket at dusk sits a parliament of birds
The flapping of wings, a fluttering of souls
& I may die like a dog but I’ll not fear the night
I’ll crawl with arrows in my hands & my heart
Track Name: Vagabond
Nomad you’ve forgotten your own name
You howl at the moon and laugh at the stars

You say, “you don’t know anything at all about us” x2

You made your home out of the road
You live beneath the trees among the leaves
Along the streets where no one goes

“they don’t know anything at all about us”

you’re carved into the canyon,
swallowed up the river,
you grew beneath the redwoods,
called a highway rambler

don’t look back
look back
Track Name: Josephine
Josephine don’t you think you’ve had enough?
They mistook your innocence for charm
But now the sick moon’s on the rise
I see the horizon’s got it in his jaws
Theres ghosts who live inside these walls
I wonder if you walk these halls anymore

I miss you but I’m glad that you’re gone
I wrote your words upon my walls
But the man died before the name
And all that’s left is a crippled little bird
I see the city skyline’s crooked teeth
I watch the evening turn to dust
And wonder bout what could have been

Josephine don’t you think you went to far?
Time will catch you in it’s teeth
Rotten flesh and holey jeans
Will be all that remains
Track Name: Speculations (On Passerby)
They want to live inside some wooden house
Where Junebugs fly and they
could wash their golden hair
And sleep through Saturdays

There’s something bout the time when night is young
You share and age
Reminding them of dreams
On sleepy Saturdays
Would they find beyond the doors
The life that they asked for
Or would they see that it’ s just me?
Track Name: Move On
Yellow jagged beak that freed you from my cage bruised and broken wing whistled as you slipped away from me

Oh my grace as if time could replace
the love that I should’ve given you
And all those lines on your face I wish I could erase
And give you back the years that I stole

Time put a gun in my hands
Tell my fathers ghost, “you just wouldn’t understand
That a man these days can’t have things to hold,
Best take what you can and move on.”
Take what you can and move on
Track Name: Mockingbird
Broken hearted little beast
I see you howling at the moon
Hopped a freight car bound for sundown
But the city’s just the same
Cathedral of fools

So with a pocket full of stars you slept beside the road
And called it home for a while
They thought that you were bound for more
Don’t call it by a name
Just count it our upon your fingers

Mockingbird, your sounding like
Death arguing with the devil
You’re out there,
a drunkard in the garden
The fool who drank the moon’s reflection

You say,
“you left me for dead, you left me for dead
on the side of the road,
you left me for dead, you left me for dead
on the side of the road”

but at least little bird, you will die free
Track Name: Greenline
I used to carry all the world upon my shoulders
Just to bring it to your feet
But now there’s a ghost who rides the greenline every morning who looks a lot like me

It’s been years since you left home
Faded pictures on my walls are all that’s left
But you still haunt me

Now who’s to say what lies beneath
This flesh? Hollow bones & and aching heart?
The nest we built by hand, twig by twig
Just cracked and fell apart

Wove your words into my songs
Try to hide all the scars beneath the lines
And the lies that you told

Never understood your smile as you said,
“I miss you but I’m glad that you’re gone”

was it the way good-bye tasted on your lips?
Track Name: Sidewalk Freaks
Kicking with the sidewalk freaks

We haven’t slept since late last week

If I’m not careful she ends up in my dreams

So all I get’s an empty head

To fill it full with scenes instead

And have a go beneath your pocket seams

We all thought the Mary cast

Was made of stone through bathroom glass

But then we found she’s made of wood like us

So we carried her across the yard

By her arms from her old guard

To the house white paint chips and gold dust

Same old stars

The only ones I’ve seen up there so far

Mirrors all the same

Tired of my face looking so plain

As long as I can sleep I can’t complain

Today I found no other sound than breathing

I though to think of you

But it seems the clock has swallowed up your face

If this is it then count me out

I’ll go down clean no blood no shout

And from the city streets I’ll dig my grave

Same old stars

The only ones I’ve seen up there so far

Songbirds, come to stay

Beside me on the back porch where I lay

Beside me as the sunshine drifts away

How the birds do sing

Above the leaves and

We must be insane

Not to remember
Track Name: Collect the Dust
Sunday died alone
The pigeons scattered from the rooftops
As the stars fell upon the rocky shores
The ocean opened wide
to catch the lost & lonely souls
but nothing should surprise me in the night

little bird upon the shelf asked me,
“could I be someone that you could learn to love?
“the truth is, you’re far too lovely
for a heart like mine, I’ll leave you here
to collect the dust and I will look at you
from time to time.”

Cut that caused regret
Flies aligned along the bathroom floor
Clothes left on the line
She doesn’t live here anymore
Nothing should surprise me when the sun
Goes down
Little bird when the hours are still…